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Hydro Rental


SUP Foil complete

400.000 rp for 1 Hour

600.000 rp for 2 hours


SURF Foil complete

300.000 rp for 1 Hour

500.000 rp for 2 hours





Very simple policy!

You break you pay! 


NO Leash for rental, bring your own!


Damage deposit of 500 US$ only in CASH is required and a copy of your passport if you take the board away from our beach.


Foil Boards for rental:


The GAP 5'0 x 24 x 70L

The GAP 5'2 x 25 x 78L

The GAP 5'8 x 26 x 95L

The GAP 6'1 x 28 x 115L

The GAP 6'7 x 29 x 130L

The GAP 7'1 x 30 x 150L

425 Pro 6'8 x 27 x 118L



The GAP 3'10

Axis 4'2

Custom 5'3

Custom 5'5



Axis 4'2

The GAP 4'9

The GAP 5'0

The GAP 5'2


Hydrofoil for rental:

Axis PNG 1300

Axis BSC 1120

Axis S-series 1020

Axis PNG 1010

Axis SES 940

Axis SES 840

Axis HA 900

Axis S-series 820

Axis S-series 660

Reedin FA 1880

Reedin FA 1880

Reedin FA 1280

Reedin FA 980

Reedin FA 780

Takuma Kujira 980



Bali HydroFoiling

School & Rental

brought to you by Bali Stand Up Paddle School


For Reservation or Info e-mail at


We are located at Villa Puri Ayu Resort in Sanur,

Jalan Cemara 4B. Just after the Puri Santrian Hotel.





After pioneering Kitesurfing in Bali from 1999 and SUP in 2008 we are now also offering lesson and rentals of Hydrofoils.

Jankie was the first Hydrofoiler in Bali! First with a Kite then with a SUP and the latest was Hydrofoil Surf Towing!


We offer Hydrofoil lessons and rental to help you learn this great sport. 

As usual we have the best board and foils in Bali and our programs are tailored to help you to learn Foiling the faster and safer as possible.


We have Kite Hydrofoil, Surf Hydrofoil, SUP Hydrofoil from The GAP and AXIS.


Our staff of professional lifeguard and CPR certified instructors will educate you on the proper techniques.


Plus with our top-of-the-line surf equipment, we guarantee you will be up on the board having a great time.


What you will learn with us:

·  Safety

·  Equipment

·  Transporting equipment 

·  Position on the board

·  Getting up on the board

·  How to stand on the board

·  Safe foiling and awareness

·  Control the board

·  How to catch the wave

·  Selecting and cathing waves

·  Riding the waves

·  Hydrofoil Safety

·  Hydrofoil etiquette

·  Equipment recommendation

At Sanur Hydrofoil School we give you the best tools to succeed in learn how to Hydrofoil.

We have been collaborating for years with Axis Foils and been helping them with R&D of all the Kite and Surf series!

We are also making our own FOIL boards THE GAP. The boards you will be using have been developed with our collaboration.


What is Included:

  • Board

  • Hydrofoil

  • Reef Booties if needed

  • Surf Leash

  • Boat taxi to the waves

What to wear / bring:

  • Change of clothes

  • Straps for glasses or swimming googles for people who wear contact lenses

  • Sunscreen lotion and basic toiletries

  • Swimming suit

  • Shorts for surfing

  • Drinking water

  • Towel

TOTAL Beginner lesson

1 Hour - 700.000 rp

You have never done any water sport (surf-kite-Wakeboard-SUP)!! You still can try but you will need some extra effort.

First you need to learn to use a Surf Board towed by a Boat.

Is like wakeboarding but with a regular strapped Surf Board.

Once you have mastered this you will be ready to move the a proper Hydrofoil. Some people can get this in 30 minutes and some people need more time so is really up to your skill.

If you can Wakeboard or Kiteboard with a Twin Tip YOU need to exercise with a regular Surf Board FIRST as the waterstart with the foil will use the same technique!!!


Hydrofoil Beginner Lesson

1 Hour - 800.000 rp

You have experience with water sport (surf-kite-Wakeboard-SUP)!

And you can do towing with a Strapped or Unstrapped Surf Board.

Then you will start HERE.

You will learn to Hydrofoil behind a Boat. You will have to build your skill till you can ride above the water steadily.

Depending on what is your objective you can learn using either a SUP Hydrofoil or a Kite Hydrofoil or a Surf Hydrofoil.

The choice is all your.

Some people only need 30 minutes to master it and some people need couple of hours! Again is up to your skill and we will assist you with the best equipment for the task.


SUP Hydrofoil Intermediate Lesson
2 hours - 600.000 rp

You have done the exercises behind the boat and you can ride the board flying in the air steadily. Now we move directly to the waves and learn to catch them using the SUP paddling techniques.

Lesson is one on one and include the boat to go and back to the reef.


KITE Hydrofoil Intermediate Lesson
1 hour - 800.000 rp

You have done the exercises behind the boat and you can ride the board flying in the air steadily. Now we move directly to use the power of a kite as way of propulsion.

Lesson is one on one and include the boat to follow you at all time with the instructor.


Hydrofoil SURF towing Intermediate Lesson
1 hour - 800.000 rp

You have done the exercises behind the boat and you can ride the board flying in the air steadily. Now we move to towing you with a Surf Foil directly into the waves. The boat will pull you till you can get up on the foil and tow you till the front of a wave. At that point you will let go the rope and use the energy of the wave to ride your Hydrofoil.

After every wave the boat with come to you and you go again like in a merry go round!



550.000 rp for 1 hour

If 2 people one will be towed and the other will wait for his turn in the water.