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425 PRO SUP Boards Introduction

Jerry Mihimana, owner of 425pro, was introduced to Stand Up Paddle boarding after more than thirty years of high-level competitive paddling, shaping outrigger canoes, and designing outrigger paddles.  

He began shaping SUP specific paddles, and this expertise naturally flowed into creating boards. Word about his amazing paddles and boards spread, and to respond to the demand, 425pro was born! As 425pro grew, the finest professional paddlers in Tahiti were naturally drawn to it. 

Now, with more than 45 international riders and ambassadors officially paddling under our logo in competitions and events worldwide, we are proud to say that we have some of the best professional SUP racers and surfers in the world representing 425pro!

425pro has grown a lot, but Jerry continues to work closely with all team riders exchanging ideas in order to fine tune paddle and board designs, training protocols, paddling techniques, and race strategies. Constantly striving for perfection, he invests his time and expertise to give the entire Team 425pro family the extra edge.

425pro is tirelessly working to create new and innovative ways to develop our shared passion.

425pro technology 

The technology of our 2019 boards was increased to provide the best performance and more durability. Our boards are designed and shaped with a high-end technology with perfectly balanced weight, strength and impact resistant characteristics.

Our latest technology combines a full wrap fiberglass layer, pre coated EPS foam, PMI foam as a deck reinforcement, a double 6OZ carbon layers, and a high performance gloss finish paint.

We also added a smooth comfort deck pad grip, as well as a tail kick pad to each one of our 2019 hard board models.

425pro and BSUPS - TEST CENTER  

Bali Stand Up Paddle School and 425pro join forces.

Starting on April 2019, BSUPS and 425pro become partners, is one of the most exciting news in the SUP industry in Bali. 

BSUPS is now a full test center for 425pro! Whether you are looking to diversify or upgrade to a new Stand Up Paddle board or get your very first board, choosing the right equipment can be daunting. A selection of boards are available for you to try and find out why 425pro are the best boards in the world. We will help you to find the best equipment for your needs. 

You can also rent at a premium price and buy your 425pro board and equipment directly at our location. 

Jerry Mihimana, the legendary owner, shaper and athlete can be meet at the school to learn all about the boards he designed.

If you have been looking for a SUP partner or a group to train with, come out and join us to excel on your SUP technique, paddle better and race faster!

Race clinics, SUP/SURF foil clinics, demonstrations, tests and more will be scheduled in the close future.

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425pro Sell Price

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Mad Box 1.999 US$

Gun Mara'a 1.999 US$

Race Boards 3.150 US$

Foil SUP Boards 1.550 US$

Air SUP All Around 999 US$ (inflatable)

Air SUP Race 1.049 US$ (inflatable)

Paddles 390 US$